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Hey 👋 I'm Valentina  

I'm a problem solver passionate about adding more value to products through design, and reassuring my parents that yes, product designer is a real job.

Over the past six years I've been involved in everything from facilitating workshops to building prototypes, running research, shaping design systems, and mentoring other designers. Let's chat! 💬


Feb 2023 -  Present

📌 Lead Product Designer @ Penfold

Helping everyone save enough to be comfortable in later life by making pension saving easy, accessible and engaging.

Penfold preview

Making empty states meaningful for new customers to encourage healthy financial habits from day one.

Penfold design system.png

Elevating the consistency, efficiency, and accessibility of our Design System.


Reflecting on my first six months at  Penfold.

Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

Senior Product Designer @ Intropic

Boosting data accessibility to improve trading decision-making.

Fund Flows.jpeg

Providing an essential risk management tool to Equity and Portfolio Managers.

Aug 2020 - Sep 2022

Product Designer @ Accurx

Improving communication between people in healthcare to make NHS professionals happier and patients healthier.


Helping NHS staff to improve their workflows to meet patient demand.

Design University.jpg

A structured and goal-oriented approach to support the design team upskilling.


Booking and delivering ~30M Covid vaccinations in England and Wales.

Jul 2018 - Aug 2020

UX / UI Designer @ Unite Students

Providing stress-free accommodation for students, allowing them to fully enjoy their university experience.


Improving the group chat experience for our new customers.


Rethinking Unite’s blog to offer more personalised content and increase engagement.


Increasing the conversion of the flagship website by 35%.

Sep 2017 - Jul 2018

UX Designer / Project Manager @ The Mad Box

Creative agency.


Allowing a simple and quick purchasing from digital vending machines. 


An exciting collaboration with IKEA to digitalise the shopping experience in store.


Designing the first Italian marketplace for professional services.

Feb 2017 - Aug 2017

UX intern @ Living Map

Technology solutions for complex spaces. Digital mapping, wayfinding and positioning for people, assets and places.

Accessible design standard

Making digital wayfinding universally accessible.

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