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The Mad Box, 2018


Thanks to an innovative and intuitive experience, Xconik allows a simple and quick purchasing from digital vending machines. Xconik is an innovative app designed to manage the whole buying process through iOS or Android smartphones.

Recently, Xconik is trying to reach new markets by working as a click & collect/food delivery mobile application that enables you to save all the conventional wait-times of going to a restaurant. The concept is simple: enter the restaurant and find everything ready. Take it to-go or have it delivered where you want, skip the line and save your time.

User journey mapping

Xconik’s new goal brings many new issues and challenges to the user experience: good design is all about the user. If designers truly want to create the best products, it’s important for them to see the product from the user’s perspective. That’s where a tool called a user journey comes in. It’s a powerful combination of storytelling and visualization that helps designers identify opportunities to create new and improved experiences for their users.

The first scenario considered is the take away option, in which the user orders throught the app and the order is received and processed by the restaurant.

The second one involves food delivery, including one more user in the flow – the delivery operator.

UI design
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