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Overview is the first e-commerce for professional services, an innovative marketplace where professionals can create their own personal website and sell their work directly to the costumers. Being still a developing project, the interface is changing very fast to meet all the users’ requirements that such a complex project require: in this case, the flow through which a professional service is needs to be redisign to be the most usable.

When I first joined Joebee team, I found an overly complicated platform that suffered from the continuous adding of features on top of the existing ones, and a lack of user feedback. Our primary target has been the semplification of the booking flow as a consequence of user testing, the main challenge being trying to convince and educate the managment to the importance of user research and user testing.

Design and testing

Regular usability testing can address various business challenges such as boosting conversion rates, retaining customers, and reducing support and redevelopment costs; at Joebee, we aimed for formative testing during product development to ensure our designs met intended objectives, although limited resources constrained testing to mainly colleagues and friends, revealing both expected and unexpected user pain points, prompting subsequent redesigns to improve user experience despite resource limitations.

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