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Vodafone Piggybank

Creation of a new feature fo MyVodafone mobile app, interface redesign

University project for Vodafone Italia, 2015

The project

The project aimed at improving the user experience of MyVodafone mobile app. The application works as a virtual piggy bank that allows a team of users to collect unused resources (minutes, sms, data) at the end of the month and let them choose a price

everytime the Piggybank is full.

Extreme attention was paid to the personalisation of the user experience, in a strictly user-centered design process.

The process

The first step of the process involved a series of workshops and research activities aimed at discovering and clarify several topics.

  • Audience definition: With this workshop, you can summarize and streamline the data to guide your design efforts.

  • Understanding business goals and objectives: A goal is a broad, over-arching destination, while an objective is a specific, measurable activity you will take to work towards a broader goal.

  • Competitor analysis: So, your client has some strong competitors. It might be a good idea to analyze those competitors to use their strengths and weaknesses to your client’s favor.

The reasearch session helped the team to understand the business requirements, such as the strive of Vodafone to invest in group contract among their customers. At the end of this phase, the idea of piggybank was born.

Team members

Valeria Baldoni, Giulia Caliandro, Giulia Camedda, Valentina Zanelli

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