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Casual Work Meeting


UX and UI design
Unite Students, 2019

The project

Unite Students is the largest student accommodation provider in the UK.

MyAccount is the section within Unite website where our customers can manage their bookings with us and complete actions such as pay rent, raise maintenance requests, access welcome guides for cities and properties and much more.

As part of Unite Students digital transformation, MyAccount has gone through a redesign process aimed at meeting the following requirements:

- Increase bookings completed through MyAccount

- New IA (Information Architecture) based on user testing

- Responsive website with a fresh design on a new platform

Definition of As-is

To define pain points in the user experience and identify improvements, the design team set meetings with stakeholders and people in the business who have direct exposure to students interacting with MyAccount (e.g. customer support, in property staff).

Computer Screen

Information Architecture

Card sorting helped us give a new structure to MyAccount and better distribute old and new features in different sections.

10 users were presented the new nav and asked to evaluate itbased on simple tasks - e.g where would you expect to find the
summary of your instalments plan?

Sketching and wireframing


After speaking with the finance team we wanted to test certain challenges and queries bought up in the meeting regarding the payments page in MyAccount.

The first guerrilla testing session involved 20 students (50% male, 50% female) living in one of our properties in Bristol.
We interviewed 11 UK students and 9 internationals, 17 of which were familiar with the payment page.

The session was video recorded to analyse post testing for more accuracy.

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