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All in B

Design and development (HTML, CSS, Jquery)
Visual Communication and Interface Design
course final project, 2016.

The project

Purpose of the project was the design and development of an application prototype, following the main user-centred design standards. Great importance was given both to the visual aspect and interaction process .

The project brief required the creation of a geolocated application based in Milano-Bicocca district, responding to the heterogeneous needs of four main groups of users (locals, students, workers, tourists) that lived in the area in different moments and with deeply different goals and needs.

Bicocca district

Bicocca is not the most glamorous district in Milan.

The area was affected by a quick industrialization process during the 19th century, and even today is mostly perceived as an industrial district. It’s enough to research a bit more about Bicocca to understand the great potential of the area, which offers the University campus and numerous companies, but also sopping centres, cinemas, cafes and cocktail bars, a contemporary art gallery and a theatre.

Preliminary esearch

Before designing and implementing any system, it is mandatory to conduct some research to define the market asset and potential weak and strenght points of the product.

User research

During the research phase we collected information from potential users by online surveys. The questionnaire was submitted to 60 people and aimed at  understanding of how they live the district and what could they need from an app. The results of the survey gave us a better understanding of the situation, and helped us creating some personas.

A persona is a fictional, yet realistic, description of a typical or target user of the product. The real value of a user persona is to list down the goals/motivation of the people who will be using the application. Understanding the users, their motivations, their requirements helps in building user-centric products.

Wireframe and UI design

The fun part.

all in b wirefame.jpg
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